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Building Your Brand Online: Stop Chasing People That Don’t Want Your Message

By Monday, February 10, 2014 1 Permalink 1

A lot of people (self-included) make the mistake of targeting the wrong audience when they're building their personal brand or business online. They expend a tremendous amount of energy targeting family and friends. They try to get the people following them on social media today -- whether Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ -- to read their content, listen to their show, or watch their videos. The truth is the people around you today may not be ...

7 Things Successful Bloggers Have in Common

By Thursday, October 10, 2013 5 Permalink 1

Blogging ain't easy. Well, anyone can start one and throw up a few posts. But turning a fledgling blog into a successful (this is relative) one is something else. Even though I've been around for a while, I still have my moments of frustration where I wonder why things aren't progressing as quickly as I'd like? Then I beat myself up with comparisons to other successful bloggers before reminding myself to just be great. Hey, ...

Five Things Good Writing Can Teach You About The Job Search

If you're reading this, you enjoy reading interesting or helpful content. You probably visit other sites with solid writing that meet a variety of your needs. Have you ever considered what the sites (and books) you read can teach you about the job search without talking about it directly? Here are five lessons I've learned from good writing...and I ain't even know it...until now. The ability to tell stories increases your ability to find work. Storytelling is ...