What is The Freedom Chase?

The Freedom Chase is the journey toward becoming your best self. 

It’s about going after what matters to you and not letting life’s obstacles impede your progress. The Freedom Chase is also about change. Maybe it’s a step in your career, your financial or physical health, how you express your creativity, or getting started on that project that’s constantly on your mind.

It’s about continuous, purposeful improvement — one step in front of the other — until you achieve what you’ve been chasing, while enjoying the journey.

What’s the Goal Here?

Our goal is to provide a place where you can come to find helpful and inspirational content that moves you closer to your definition of freedom. There’s no script here. What we find useful, we share. It could be a personal reflection, quote, or heads up on an article we think can help someone. And if something is not for you, maybe it’ll help someone you know. As we’re sharing with you, we hope you’ll share with us too. The more useful info we have, the more people we can help!

About Her

DSC_0387a‘Ello, Shanae’ here! I’m a writer, creator, DIYer and all around right-brainer. I’ve probably been all of these things in some form or another since I was old enough to read. At any age since then, I can name a plethora of songs, poems, prose, paintings, drawings and photographs I’ve rendered. Still, most of these things I would have never considered doing for a living, simply because I didn’t think it was possible.

Writing fiction is arguably my greatest love (sorry Rich, you’re a close second). To me, there is nothing like seeing your thoughts manifested into a beautiful series of words, and having other people enjoy them, and even be moved by them. I realized this a number of years ago and set out to write The Greatest Novel Ever, and … well, failed. Failed because I put so much pressure on myself to produce The Greatest Novel Ever, that when I got to or near the last page, my not-so-dear old friend Perfectionism and his BFF Doubt would creep in, and I would find a reason why the manuscript needed to be completely tossed and rewritten.

Last year I finally decided to kick this duo out of my life for good, and wrote a story that was chosen as one of 27 stories published in the unprecedented and powerful speculative fiction anthology, Long Hidden. This experience and the feedback following, let me know that after all the doubting and perfecting and stalling and staring and planning and dreaming, all I’ve ever needed to do, was do. Should have listened to Nike long ago.

My definition of Freedom has always been physical. I want to travel. See this beautiful world. Take photos of exotic birds in the rain forest. Lay on a beach in Cape Cod. Chicken out of swimming with sharks in Australia. Take an obnoxious tourist selfie in front of a pyramid. Capture the statue of David in watercolors while standing right in front of it.

Over the years, this definition has expanded. Freedom to me has come to mean a completely unrestrained existence. Living the healthiest, wealthiest happiest version of my life that I can achieve, and helping others do the same. Travel is still a big part of that. A completed, published novel is as well.

I enjoy making things from wood, painting ginormous pictures, capturing passing moments with my camera, teaching children, experimenting with healthy food, smoothie and juice recipes, playing volleyball and of course, writing. Oh, and spray paint. I love spray paint.

Happy chasing, people. Go. Be. Do.

About Him

DSC_0315aI’m Rich. But not in the way I’d like to be. At least not yet. In the past six years, I’ve worked in Recruiting and/or HR for a staffing agency, global nonprofit venture capital fund (trust me, it makes sense), tech startup, and now one of the largest companies in the world (hint: think search engine that’s a verb). Before that, I spent a couple years peddling first aid kits and defibrillators in the streets of Boston. I kinda looked like Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness…except bald and kidless.

All this sounds great, right? Well, here’s the thing:

I don’t wanna be a recruiter for the rest of my life. In fact, I don’t even wanna work in corporate America long term (But while I do, I’ma handle my business and be great). My calling is in helping people. It just so happens that these experiences have given me the skills to assist people in taking the next step in their careers. This ranges from resume & cover letter advice to teaching people how to get noticed on sites like LinkedIn.

Outside of work, I’ve managed a couple award-winning blogs including one that generated over half a million pageviews per month. I didn’t accomplish this by myself, so I not only learned how to build a successful website, but also the do’s and don’ts of building a team.

So what do I enjoy doing outside of this stuff?

Aside from watching professional wrestling, Scandal, and Food Network? Or eating tasty foods like it’s my profession? Well, I love reading about or listening to personal development, entrepreneurship, health, fitness, and money management content. I also enjoy podcasting, obscene jokes, and immature shenanigans. Some of which you’d find pretty weird, but we’re all weird in some way.

I guess I should mention that I enjoy freedom. It’s my #1 value. I hate restrictions and will do whatever’s in my power to remove them. That’s part of the reason for this site. I know a lot of people feel restricted in some way, and I want to do my part to help them remove those obstacles from their lives.

Lastly, I like to fly. I’m a track athlete chasing a long jump goal that’s eluded me for years. I have a long way to go in my journey and hope you’ll be around to read about it.

We have so much planned here. Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you around!




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