When Family and Friends Won’t Support Your Project

By Wednesday, February 4, 2015 9 Permalink 24

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I talked to someone recently that started a blog then quit. Why? Because she couldn’t get her friends and family to read it.

I talked to someone else recently that started a podcast then quit. Why? Because he couldn’t get his friends and family to listen to it.

Here’s the problem with thinking this way: You’re being ridiculously selfish.

Have you considered that your friends and family have different interests than you, or the possibility that they support you as an individual AND want you to succeed, but aren’t interested in whatever you’re creating? Yes, it’s possible.

If you’ve ever bought someone’s book or art, donated to a Kickstarter campaign, or signed up for some shit you don’t need or care about just to show support, you are proof. They don’t need to read every line or listen to every second every week.

They’ll be there when it matters. You can’t expect everyday.

Here’s the other problem with quitting due to family and friends: You’re letting others determine how great you can be. And to make it worse, you’re targeting the wrong audience. You want people that are interested in your topic. People that share your passion(s). Not friends and family members “trying to be nice.” Have you ever tried to be nice? It’s not fun. Why do you want people you love to not have fun? Anyway…

Not everyone’s gonna download your mixtape.

The truth is you don’t need everyone to download your mixtape. Just the right people. If you’re willing to look beyond those closest to you, you’ll find them. And when you do, you’ll wonder why you spent so much energy chasing approval of family and friends in the first place. I guarantee it.


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  • *tabernacle and praise dances in the comments…

    • Rich J.

      *praise music*


    Quitting because of your family and friends or anyone else for that matter is such a pity. The same people who discourage you, will be mad or confused to see you succeed.

  • I feel like we’ve had this conversation on Twitter before, no? Anyway, you capture everything I would say in this post, but in such a succinct way. I do think it’s natural to desire the support of the people closest to you. You want your family members and friends to throw their support around you and be your biggest fans/followers because these are the people who know you and who you know. But the reality is, reality hits you when you realize that your most sincerest support will often come from people who are strangers to you. I learned that reality the hard way…

    • Rich J.

      Yep, this has come up before. I’m sure a few times over the years. Funny how that works re: strangers.

  • Alexander Padilla

    Good point. Your creativity has nothing to do with what others may think, or if your close relatives and friends support you. You do it because you have something to share that has to be put out there.

  • Powerful message-thanks for getting me together Rich…timely tough love 🙂

  • Lashuntrice

    I’m getting to a point where I don’t care that they’re not paying attention to my interests. I just don’t want to see them looking for handouts when I do get on this best sellers list they claim I’ll be on one day or making all this money they claim I’ll have.