Got Offers and Interviews? Watch Out for This Employer Swindle

I was thinking about a job seeker I worked with and a situation she ran into:

She had an offer on the table from one company (Company A). They initially told her that she needed to respond within five business days. She then interviewed with another company (Company B), and it was clear this company would move her to the offer stage quickly. So she called Company A and told them she might might have another offer coming from Company B. So what did Company A do?

They moved her deadline to respond from 5 days to 48 hours.

Isn’t that crappy?

Now I’m not suggesting you lie. For example, if an employer or recruiter asks if you have any other activity going on, you shouldn’t say no and then out of no where be like “I have multiple offers.” However, if a company has given you time to consider their offer, it’s best not to alert them of a competing offer until it’s officially on the table. As far as they’re concerned, you’re still evaluating what’s best for you.

Some recruiters may hate me for passing along this advice, but I hate the idea of forcing someone to make a decision before they can adequately evaluate their options.

I don’t know how common a practice this is, but it’s something to be on the lookout for. And you also should consider if you really wanna work for a company that reneges on its word and forces you into a decision.

She went with Company B.

Just something to keep in mind during your search. Good luck!


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