A New Freedom Chase Begins

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on the road to vagus

This has been a long time coming! We’re so excited to get this project off the ground! Can’t you tell by the exclamation points?!

But seriously, we’ve been working on relaunching The Freedom Chase for what feels like forever. Our whiteboard was covered with tasks divvied up between the two of us. We debated (for what felt like months) the site and banner colors. Periods of inactivity crept in as we got distracted by other life happenings. There was also some anxiety. We don’t speak of it much, but there’s something to launching a public project with your significant other that’s a little scary. There are a lot of “what ifs.” You’re probably thinking about a few of them already.

So what exactly is The Freedom Chase?

The Freedom Chase is the journey toward becoming your best self. 

It’s about improving daily, doing what makes you happy, and progressing to a life without restrictions.

We have goals that we’d love to accomplish. Stuff like traveling the world, investing in ourselves, having the option to not work (without consequences), completing passion projects that have continuously fallen off, getting out of debt, getting in the best shape of our lives, finishing books, and much more. There are also obstacles to achieving these goals: fear, anxiety, motivational ups and downs, limited funds, being the employee instead of employer, etc. The list ain’t infinite, but it’s mighty long!

So what is this site?

Shanae’ and I have talents, interest areas, and experiences that we think can help people. Whether it’s a reflective story, career or writing advice, a heads up on some health & fitness stuff you need to check out, an awesome recipe, or an inspirational video we watched, we’ll share it here.

You’ll find some humor too. The power of a laugh should not be underestimated. Especially on those days where it seems like everything is going wrong and nothing is going right.

Since this is new, there’ll be some kinks we need to work out along the way. We could’ve spent another month in prep mode trying to perfect everything, but we thought it was more important to launch and fine-tune as we go. So if anything wonky or bootleg happens, please let us know.  And no, that was not supposed to rhyme.

You should also sign up for our email list, where we share helpful content and updates that don’t make it to the blog (If you’re already on it and check your email, you knew about this launch weeks in advance). It’s also a good way to learn what happened on the site during the week if you’ve been too busy.

We’re looking forward to the chase. There’s a huge opportunity to inject more positive energy into the atmosphere, and we’re gonna make the best of it.

Stay tuned. There’s A LOT more to come!

Rich & Shanae’

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