Building Your Brand Online: Stop Chasing People That Don’t Want Your Message

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building your brand onlineA lot of people (self-included) make the mistake of targeting the wrong audience when they’re building their personal brand or business online. They expend a tremendous amount of energy targeting family and friends. They try to get the people following them on social media today — whether Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ — to read their content, listen to their show, or watch their videos. The truth is the people around you today may not be the people that need or want your message the most. Quite frankly, they may not care what you have to say on the topic you’re most passionate about. And honestly, that’s fine. You may be interested in saving the puppies, but your friends and closest connections may not care for animals. The same can be said for any topic. And because they don’t avidly read your stuff doesn’t mean they’re any less a friend or contact. It just means your message on that particular topic isn’t for them.

Instead of chasing your friends and people that have shown time and time again they’re not interested in your topic (You know because you’re frustrated when you see the stats), find the people that are. Look for the top sites, channels, or shows in your interest area. Join their communities. Find the people behind these platforms on social media. Engage with them. Look through their followers and add people that clearly have similar interests, then engage with them too. Chances are they’ll find you anyway if they see you having a good discussion with the folks they already follow.

It’s better to go after people interested in your topic or niche rather than trying to convert people that aren’t. You’ll put in a lot of work to find people and your audience may grow slowly at first, but the people coming onboard will be far more interested in you and what you have to say. Besides, what’s the point of trying to force people to join your tribe? People forced to do anything aren’t quite enthusiastic.

This also goes for covering topics you don’t care about just to get people to listen to you. Once you go back to covering what really interests you, they’ll be gone and you’ll have wasted time that could’ve been used to build with the people you want or the ones that are already there.


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