Why Business Cards Don’t Matter as Much as This

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I’ve made a good number of  business cards over the years. Some I spent a ton of time on. You may have done the same. You sit there agonizing over the logo (if you have one), where your name goes, which phone number you put down (I be on my Google Voice flow), and how quickly they’ll arrive. Because honestly, a lot of us don’t think about business cards until there’s some event coming up where we know we’ll meet a lot of people. We wanna make a great impression and convey professionalism. However, there’s something about business cards that a lot of us forget: They aren’t the end-all-be-all for making connections. In fact, I don’t even think they make you memorable.

Speaking from personal experience, I remember the conversations and impressions people made on me more than I do their business cards. When I wanna get in touch with someone or someone follows up with me, I don’t think “Oh yeah, that’s the person with the awesome business card. Can’t wait to connect with them again!” I think about what we discussed and what I learned from and about them. I think about what they took the time to learn from and about me. I get a sense of who they are, what they’re focused on, and where they’re trying to go. I become intrigued by their story. That’s far more memorable than a piece of card stock.

Now I’m not saying business cards aren’t important. But don’t think that a box of 250 cards handed out like a pamphlet at the corner is a replacement for a meaningful conversation. You’re better off giving a business card to five people you had a good chat with than 50 people you spent five seconds with. Less is more. Less business cards, more time making connections.


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