Wanna See a Disgustingly Awesome Interactive Resume? Well, Peep This…

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From The Daily Muse:

Call off the search. We found the best resume ever, and we don’t think it will ever be topped. You must play with it now.

That’s right—we said play. Robby Leonardi is a designer, illustrator, coder, animator, and unbelievably clever human being who decided to ditch the traditional resume for something a bit more interactive (and way more awesome).

robby leonardi interactive resume

The Daily Muse posted a couple other screenshots from what may be the dopest interactive resume of all time, but I didn’t wanna go to crazy with it. You need to head to Robby’s site right now and experience how he tells his story. It’ll take you back to a time of little responsibility with a Mario Brothers theme.

By the way, I’m not saying everyone needs to have a resume like this. It’s effective for him because of the type of work he does. And I’m sure work is something he won’t be short on now that his creation is riding the viral wave. I’d hire him just because if I had cash to blow.

After you scroll through this masterpiece, let me know what you think.


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    That resume is really impressive. Even if he works as a designer and part of his job is to be creative,his resume is really hard to forget and the lesson here is to make your resume stand out.

    Thank you for sharing. Here in Paris, some people decided to display their resume on a bus station or better yet on a billboard and that worked for some of them too.

  • RealGoesRight

    Best. Resume. Ever.

  • Mr. SD

    I’m an IT guy and I must say that was extremely creative..I’m impressed…He can probable get any design/developer job he applies for.