Have You Cleaned Up Your Online Image in These Two Places?

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This a good profile picture does not make.

This a good profile picture does not make.

So you’ve heard all the ruckus about having a quality profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They’re as clean as can be. You ain’t got no worries…or so you thought.

But what if I told you there are a couple places people forget to look when trying to clean up their online image? Let’s see if you’re missing these two areas.

Twitter Images

I’m not talking about your main picture. I’m talking about the section for photos attached to your account and visible whenever someone visits your page on the twitter site. Employers and folks most interested in working with you will land there if they do a google search.

Any image you’ve retweeted or shared that originated on Twitter will be easily visible. I know I’ve clicked on a few profiles and seen some pretty reckless stuff, which means if I see it, then anyone can see it, including people that hold potential opportunities.

Take a look through your twitter images and make sure you’re not featuring anything that’ll turn potential employers or business contacts off. After all, you are what you tweet.

Google email image

Most of us aren’t heavy users of google+, but we at least have a profile picture there. And that picture gets pulled into gmail whenever you send a message. Last week I got an email from a potential candidate and saw their profile picture in the top right of the screen. I won’t tell you what it was, but do know it made me question their judgment. And once I start questioning…yeah. And again, if I’m questioning, others will question. Don’t create preventable issues where there need not be any.

Hopefully you read this and thought “I know this already.” But if not, you might wanna look into that.


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