Get Your Networking & Awareness Game Up: Try Newsle

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Yesterday I discovered a cool networking/keep in touch tool called Newsle. It’s a site that allows you to connect your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, then keeps you abreast of anyone in your network that’s mentioned in the news or whose name appears in an article. From what I can tell, it doesn’t pull in blog posts people have written for their sites, which would be a false alarm. Why do you need this tool?

Well, this gives you a reason to reach out to contacts in your network. An obvious relationship builder. Now when you see they’ve been featured or mentioned in an article, you can congratulate them or let them know you saw it. It’s a great way to stay top of mind and show them you care about their success. Depending on the article, this can also be a conversation starter around a topic that’s important to both of you.

I’d encourage you to give Newsle a try. It’s a great addition to your long term networking strategy. And it’s easy. Very easy.

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  • Ali

    Rich, I was looking around and in 2012, you wrote a few beautiful pieces on informational interviews. Thank you for posting those. Question I was trying to find an answer to was “who do you pick for an informational interview?”. I guess the general answer is somebody who eventually has the power to hire you (or somebody in your position) so that you can hear their perspectives but the CEO of a company is always in a position to hire you and you can never get an informational interview with him. Do you mind addressing this issue sometime in the future? Thank you.

    • Rich J.

      Hey Ali,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll add this to the content list. Good question.