Preachers of L.A. Episode 2: Alright. I’m Not Conflicted Anymore.

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preachers of la episode 2

When Preachers of LA debuted last week, I was conflicted. I wondered if the show would be rachet church, and if it would offer any redeeming value other than the entertainment factor we get from so many of the reality shows out there. We’re only two episodes in, but I think this show is headed in the right direction. It’s already touching on relatable issues and real life situations sans the alcohol-induced drama. Here are a few things I liked or was intrigued by on this week’s episode:

The struggle of church acceptance for transsexuals.

A long time member of Pastor Jay Haizlip’s church transitioned from April to David. We got to see Jay and his wife discuss how they should handle it. You could see their struggle with staying true to their congregations beliefs while balancing and adjusting to this persons decision to change gender. They wanted her/him to feel comfortable at church, and as Jay’s wife said, not been seen as ” those kind of Christians.” You know the ones? The folks that make people not wanna go to church.

Even grown ass adults have basic relationship conversations.

I had to chuckle when Bishop Noel Jones, who had previously been married 22 years, was discussing his relationship situation with his friend/girlfriend. She basically asked him the “what are we” question and we got to see him dance around it the same way we’d expect any young man to. This is interesting because I see so many folks talk about how they’re tired of trite relationship topics dominating the blogosphere, but as we saw, the conversations between the sexes to better understand each other will always be needed. Even for folks we think are well past the basic complications.

Preachers aren’t immune to testorone and oozings of ego.

We’ve seen a couple couple confrontations already, both involving Deitrick. It’s clear that even preachers succumb to ego when they feel they’re being challenged or questioned. Deitrick is a special case though. He reminds me a of Black Greek that’s always trying to prove he pledged and had a process. He can’t help but react whenever he’s questioned and talk about how much he knows the Word, which makes me think he’s trying to make up for some insecurity he has.

Shacking Up

Deitrick also has a unique situation. He’s been married before. He has a child and fiancée, but he doesn’t live with them because they’re not married yet. Makes me wonder how many christians would be cool with this type of arrangement?

Bishop Ron Gibson and his wife were at dinner with Deitrick and his fiancee talking about their upcoming marriage. The Bishop asked Deitrick if he was shacking up with his fiancee and of course he reacted, going as far as saying”I’m sick of y’all bishops preaching stuff not in the bible.” All rebellious and renegadeish.

Truth be told, I’ve had similar thoughts. I’ve struggled with intermingling of a preachers opinions on life with what the bible actually says…or in this case, doesn’t say. And as far as shacking up, I’ve never seen an issue with a couple living together before getting married. I think it’s important to see if you can coexist under the same roof before taking the vow of forever. What Bishop Gibson was talking was a little too conservative for me, but hey, he’s entitled to feel how he feels. Lastly…

I love the dynamic between Bishop Gibson and his wife.

You can tell he really sees her as a partner, confidant, and consultant. Before he goes into conversations with folks like Dietrick, he tells her what he plans to say and gets her perspective. The best part? He listens and doesn’t just do it to make her feel like she’s a part of things. At least that’s how I see it.

What’d you think of this week’s episode? Will you keep watching?


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  • Deitrick Haddon and Noel Jones are possibly the most controversial of the preachers on the show, but I do get where they stand. It is definitely an interesting show.


    I am gonna get a lot of heat for what I am gonna say but I am gonna own it. I don’t think that shacking is necessarily a good thing . People who cohabitate are less likely to get married because they ( especially men ) get all of the benefits of marriage without the fear of divorce.

    Now, Deitrick Haddon should have lived with his baby mama because they already had sex before and have a baby together.

    Anyway, I’ll keep watching but this show confirms me that pastors don’t practice what they preach ( most of the time )

    • Rich J.

      No heat here. This site is as cool as the other side of the

      I do think Deitrick not living with child’s mother is foolishness. But of course, I’m not a conservative christian.