Death of Adrian Peterson’s Son is Not About How Recently He Entered the Child’s Life

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Right child or not, this is still a tragedy.

On Friday I heard about the death of Adrian Peterson’s two year old son. I was angry. Who hurts a child? Someone that wants to die?

I then saw a picture of Adrian showing fatherly love to what could’ve been the child. As it turns out, the one who suffered the tragedy may not have been the one I saw in pictures. Apparently, a paternity test may have recently revealed the truth. And as usual, social media (Twitter) had an opinion. I saw a good number of people saying we need to redirect our attention from the allegedly absentee father and toward the mother that’s really feeling the pain. I understand that the mother is going through it too, but here’s the thing…

It doesn’t matter how recently AP found out this child was his. The point is that an innocent child lost his life at the hands of a maniac. A child we may not have heard of if it weren’t for the link to Adrian Peterson. And even if it was recently confirmed the child was his, why does that mean AP can’t feel anything about it, or that he isn’t entitled to sympathy? Someone he created — accident or not — is now gone!

I’m all for showing sympathy for the mother. After all, she was the one dating the man that took her son’s life. But I’m pretty sure she’s good (as good as she can be) without us on social media. She doesn’t need us to validate that she should feel the most pain, or tell her that she deserves more online sympathy than AP. In the grand scheme, I think arguments like this are as misguided as the people saying that sympathy for AP is.

I’ll tell you what. If i recently found out that a child was mine and that that he or she died, I’d still be ready to fight someone…if not worse. How much time I spent in that child’s life doesn’t impact the awfulness of what occurred, or impact the likelihood something like that would’ve happened. The only way something like this could’ve been prevented is to have still been with the mother. But as we all know, that’s not always the way life shakes out.

So I will continue to feel sympathy for both parents. The only ill feelings I have are toward the asshole that did this. May he get the absolute worst of punishment possible.


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