Part of Feeling Good is Looking Good. That’s Why I Use HeadBlade.

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#DRHeadBlade #shop #cbias

My savior in NYC. This is one of the “old school” stores.

I remember a few years ago when I realized my hair was abandoning me. Like any man that goes through this at a young age or, well, at any point in life, it was stressful and borderline depressing. It took a toll on my confidence and relegated me to wearing hats everywhere, “caesars” at barbershops to get “bald,” and only taking pictures with the camera or my angle a certain way. I effectively became a slave to my head.

Eventually I realized trips to the barber shop weren’t enough, so I started shaving my head with different razors in hopes that the completely bald look would conceal what was obviously happening. At the very least, people would be blinded by the glisten.

I tried a bunch of products. Many of which took a ton of time, left stubble of hair on my head, irritated my skin, and created nicks and cuts that stung throughout the day. Then on one trip home, I stopped in a barbershop and asked what I could use to shave my head cleanly and he recommended this product called HeadBlade. It was something you slip on your finger like a ring pop and use to painlessly and seamlessly shave. I eventually found it in a store and gave it a try. I’ve been a religious user ever since.

Part of feeling good is looking good. And there hasn’t been a product that’s had as big an impact on me feeling good as the HeadBlade and its unique shaving lotion, HeadSlick. No more bumps. No more nicks (nick-free life). Just five minutes at the mirror every morning, then I’m on my way. (Well, after applying moisturizer of course.)

The trickiest thing about HeadBlade? Finding it in stores. It’s not something you can get everywhere. So usually when I do see it, I buy it even if I don’t need it. That was until I discovered my local Duane Reade store in New York City carried everything I needed. The shaver, the replacement razor cartridges, and the HeadSlick. I could keep looking good and feeling good without worrying about the next time I’d see my favorite confidence supplies in a store, or having to drive miles to get it.

#DRHeadBlade #shop #cbias

#DRHeadBlade #shop #cbias


#DRHeadBlade #shop #cbias

I recently heard there was a new version of the HeadBlade out: the ATX (pictured above). It literally looks like an all-terrain vehicle, which is intentional since it’s meant for every type of head. I picked it up at the Duane Reade on 28th and 7th near my job along with some HeadSlick since I was running low. You’d think I was weird if I told you how truly excited I was to try it out and see if it delivered the same quality shave I’ve grown accustomed to. When I took it out the package, I noticed it’s loaded with a flexible blade to navigate contours much like you see on other razors. When I slipped it on my finger, it was comfortable. A tighter fit that my current one. Crazy to see how much sure a simple device had been innovated since the last time I bought the HeadBlade itself.

If you’re a guy struggling with how to handle your hair’s farewell tour, or a woman watching a man in your life go through it, I’d suggest picking up a HeadBlade and bottle of HeadSlick. It’s in many Duane Reade and Walgreen stores and you can also pick up what you can’t find on the HeadBlade website. It’s a truly unique device and at least worth a shot. As for me…

No more hats unless I want to. A clean shave whenever I need to. Freedom from insecurity 100% of the time.

Check out a few more pics below.

#DRHeadBlade #shop #cbias

Easy to use instructions for first timers.

#DRHeadBlade #shop #cbias

Yep, it’s on my finger. The only thing left to do other than put the HeadSlick on?

#DRHeadBlade #shop #cbias

Shave. What? You thought I shaved with my shirt on?

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