Six Things Successful People Do to Land "Cool" Opportunities

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how certain people seem to always get access to dope opportunities? I know I have.

There are folks that always land the new job or project. Always have some cool opportunity with a brand. Always find their way onto the radio or tv. Always get access to some event with the movers and shakers. Always have some update on Twitter or Facebook about some cool thing that happened.

If you’re working hard, but feel like you’re not getting anywhere, it can be as annoying as my use of always. I’ve felt that way at times:

Here I am plugging along busting my ass, trying my best to positively impact people, but I’m just not getting access to the opportunities I should be. How the hell does he or she get access to all this stuff. I need to ask them and see what they’re doing differently.

I’d partially answered one of my questions. And over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve answered others. Here is a list of things I’ve learned about successful people that regularly land opportunities.

People that get opportunities aren’t afraid to ask questions.

Seems really basic right? Well, that saying about a closed mouth not getting fed couldn’t be more true. Successful people aren’t afraid to ask for what they need or want. Whether that be information or the opportunity itself. They don’t always get it. It just appears that way because you only hear about their successes.

Successful people don’t complain or worry about why other people are getting opportunities. They’re too busy getting them.

It’s not worth the energy to let negative thoughts and frustrations about the success of others eat away at you. It can become a cycle of despair that leads to you abandoning your passion or missing opportunities because you’re so focused on what others are doing.

Successful people don’t wait for opportunities. They create them.

Going with my previous point, the successful are proactive in finding things and people that will help them achieve their goals. They don’t work hard in solitude and expect results to roll in. They know they have to reach out to people and pitch themselves at every opportunity. And sometimes where there isn’t an opportunity, they find a way to create one. Successful people are creators.

People that get opportunities seize the opportunity to get on stage, wherever that stage may be.

Most successful people I know are speakers or folks that find platforms. They get in front of groups one way or another and earn their confidence and trust. Introverts can really struggle with this one. I know because I’ve been there. But nobody will know who you are if they don’t see and hear who you are and what you’re about. Get used to speaking and audiences in general. (I’m working on this one.)

People that get opportunities help others, which leads to them getting help.

Some of the most successful people I know always find a way to help others. It can be through content they write, advice they provide, or the people they connect others to. Think about it. When someone helps you, do you forget them? Maybe if you’re a bad person.

People that get opportunities are consistent.

Consistent in their efforts, performance, and messaging. They’ve established themselves as an authority in whatever it is they do so that when someone or some organization has a need, their name comes up. Consistency is a pillar of your brand and reputation.

These are some things I’ve learned or noticed. What would you add to the list?


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  • Thanks once again for nailing down a few secrets of successful people Rich!
    My mantra is to give back what you want first and you shall be rewarded, often times unsuspectingly. Personally, this has been a tested and tried strategy for me.
    Also, I would just like to add the ages old saying that successful people don’t do different things, they just do the same things differently.

    • Rich

      I like the ages old saying! I actually hadn’t heard that before. Adding it to my list of cool sayings. 🙂