Fix My Job Search: I Wear Many Hats. How Do I Showcase All My Experience?

A Reader Writers:

Hey Rich,

What is the best way to demonstrate a range of experience within one position? My current position is what some would describe as a “catch-all.” My firm is very small, and as a result, I wear many hats. I am responsible for Human Resources, Marketing, Compliance, as well as providing administrative support. Listing all of my responsibilities on my resume leads to a very long list of bullets that I think recruiters might find off-putting or simply not specific enough. I fear that I might come off as a jack of all trades, but a master of none. How can I adequately describe all of these experiences? Any advice you can offer would be very helpful.

I think what you do is determined by what you wanna do. You’re gonna have to target your résumé for specific jobs and take out stuff that isn’t relevant to the job description at hand. The key for you is to figure out which part of your responsibilities you’d like to make a career, or at least try to focus on in your next job, so you can narrow your search. Then make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your résumé so potential employers don’t get confused when they crosscheck out your melody. I was an HR Generalist in my last job (JOAT), but I played up my recruiting experience to land the (awesome) gig I have now (at a startup). (What? It’s my first week. Of course I’m gonna mention it!)

Oh yeah, if you’re a JOAT, there are a few jobs that recruiters might target you for: Office/Administration Manager, Operations Manager/Associate, and Executive Assistant come to mind. Also, small companies and startups like people that can wear multiple hats. I’d suggest looking into them and seeing what’s out there. In fact, that’d probably be an easier transition for you than a massive company where you just do one thing all day and play double dutch with red tape.

Hope this helps!


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