Fix My Job Search: Looking for Personality Test Tools to Help My Search

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A Reader Writes:

Hi Rich,

I follow you on Twitter, and recently visited your blog. Thanks for all the career advice. It’s very helpful and easy to digest. I was wondering if you had any information, or experience with career assessments.

I am currently a licensed Social Worker, and honestly feel I am in the wrong field. I have a well- paying job (for the field) and a comfortable, flexible schedule, but I am not excited about the work I do. My creative side is yearning to be used, but I am now, and have always been reluctant to go in that direction because it is hard to translate creativity into a defined job/ career path. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem, so I was wondering if you knew of any tools/ assessment that could point me in the right direction.

I recently took a MAPP assessment, and it seems pretty spot on. I got suckered into paying for more detailed results, though, so I wonder if there are free tools available as well.

I guess I could benefit from overall direction, but if you know of any valuable, and reliable tools, that would be most helpful.

Thanks so much!

Glad to see you’re taking proactive steps! I also know what it’s like to feel like you’re in the wrong feel. As you seem to be aware, that’s common.

As far as assessments are concerned, I think they are best done when you have someone to coach you through the results. The MBTI is another popular tool, but it doesn’t tell you where to go with your career…though you can get suggestions of careers for people with a similar profile…if you wanna spend more money.

I think you’re better off figuring out what creative activities make you come alive. What tasks have you done inside or outside of work that you really enjoy? What jobs have you heard of that make you say “I would love to do that!”

Once you make a list of this stuff, the next step is to start reaching out to people in those fields to learn what it’s like and what it takes to make that leap — maybe even some classmates from your Master’s program. You can find them on LinkedIn by using the alumni search feature. You’ll also be able to see what they’re doing today, which may give you additional ideas. Creativity manifests itself in many ways. That means there are a few career options for you. That reminds me…

Career progress isn’t linear so don’t be afraid to explore different opportunities. Do be prepared for that search to take a while once you decide what you would like to try next. It’s a beast out there, especially for those looking to make a transition. I made it through the struggle though. So can you.


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