Fix My Job Search: How Do I Find A Job While Finishing Up My Current One?

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A Reader Writes:

Hi Rich,

I hope that you are well and remember me from our interaction last year. I have landed my first ever paid gig in the US since moving here two years ago. I am reaching out as it is a full time yet temp position, which will end in December. How can I continue to job search discreetly and effectively, while being on my current assignment?

Hey, glad to hear you’ve landed a U.S. opportunity! I know you’d been searching for some time. Kudos and sh*t.

I think it’s fairly easy to search discreetly. That’s how most folks that are employed find new opportunities. Since it’s a time-limited role, I’m sure they expect you to begin seeking new positions prior to December. This may sound a little scary, but if you’re performing well and have a good relationship with your manager, you should reach out in late September or early October to say you know the role is ending in a few months, and you’re curious if he or she knows of anything or any company you’d be a fit for. You can explain that you understand job searches are taking longer these days and you want to get started now rather than wait until your assignment ends. Trust me, your manager will help you or try to keep you if things are going well. You should also be aware that hiring slows down toward the end of the year since companies are often waiting for the new budget year.

For now, you should set up an and LinkedIn search alert to keep an eye on relevant positions opening up throughout the year. Take note of company names. Get a sense of the skills and experience needed so you can prepare your résumé now. Continue to connect with industry contacts on LinkedIn, particularly recruiters,who are always looking for talent. Follow companies you are interested in on social media and engage with them when they post updates — especially on LinkedIn. Keep your (LinkedIn) profile current and use a headline that makes it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to see what you’re about. And most importantly, get out there and meet people. There are tons of networking events and meetups for folks with similar interests. Be a part of them, because:

You never know what a conversation today could yield tomorrow.

Good luck!


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