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I was having a rough day a couple weeks ago. I’d gotten some frustrating news and it was having its way with my emotions. I walked into a meeting at the day gig with my mind all over the place. It was obvious. So obvious that I vented to a colleague that knows some of the intricacies of my extra curricular life. You might think that’s a no-no in the workplace, but I found it better to disclose that I was distracted than sit there not being my complete self.

She asked if there was anyway she could help. I voiced a little more frustration. Then she told me a story about a similar situation she had and what she learned.

And within ten minutes, I was calm. Completely calm. The frustrating news became an opportunity for personal development. Next thing I knew we were talking about a course of action to turn my quagmire into a success story. This conversation completely changed my perspective on the challenge and how I’ll approach similar ones in the future. We then had a productive conversation about what we were supposed to be discussing.

The biggest lessons I relearned:

  1. It’s okay to let people know you have stuff on your mind. Most are understanding, and if anything, will want to help. A little vulnerability never hurt anybody. (Though I’d ask that you use discretion in what and who you share it with.)
  2. Tough situations, frustrations, challenges; they’re are tests. How you respond and flip them into success stories is where you develop as a person. And that story becomes a story you can tell someone else to help them navigate whatever they’re going through. When you help yourself succeed, you’re in a better position to help others succeed.

Who doesn’t like that?


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  • Sandra

    When I came to the US last year, it was hard for me to tell somebody what was on my mind since I was a complete foreigner to this country and I had no one to turn to. On top of that my family and friends who live in Paris were not always reachable when I needed it the most because of the time zone difference ( 9 hours ahead ), so I started to grow a thicker skin and rely on myself whenever things get tough.
    Now that I have met great people here, I can also rely on them for support.