Three Reasons to Use LinkedIn

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reasons to be on linkedin

One of the greatest and most underutilized tools for transitioning to the job of your dreams is LinkedIn. If you’re not on there, you are losing. Don’t let thoughts like “Just another social network that I won’t use,” or “I don’t want those emails” stop you from using a system that could change your life. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and has settings just like every other site to reduce or stop unwanted communications. If that’s not enough incentive, let me tell you three reasons to use LinkedIn. It’s worth the time to sign up and get to work!

You Can See What You Need to Get What You Want

When researching a company, one of the greatest tools you can use is LinkedIn. If you’ve already gotten an interview and know who you’ll be speaking with, you can take a look at their career progression and find some common points for discussion. If you know the next step in your career, but need some guidance on what it takes to get there, use LinkedIn to help you build a road map.

You can search for companies you want to work for, and find people in the department or type of role you’d like to be in. More than likely, they have a pretty thorough profile and you’ll be able to see their previous job titles as well as some of the skills and responsibilities they picked up along the way. This will help you plot your career plan or, at the very least, reformat your resume to be more in line with what that type of company is looking for. In researching current employees, you may even find some companies in their past that you hadn’t considered before. The more places you can find to apply, the better the chance you have of making the transition.

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